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Discover Croatia

Discover Croatia

Beauty in diversity, calm and serenity

Situated in the heart of Europe, bordered by blue waters and golden fields, a true gem lies hidden… Welcome to Croatia, a land of islands, mountains and plains alike. Find yourself in the crystal clear of the Adriatic, or lose yourself where history and legend intertwine.

Situated on 56,594 square kilometres (21,851 square miles), with a population of 4.07 million. Croatia is settled right in the heart of Europe, bordered by the Adriatic sea, the Dinaric Alps and the river Danube. With a uniquely diverse geography, moderate climate and the warmest people, this abundant country is the one place to call home. Its riches on the surface just as those underneath adorn its every corner, curve and valley.

This Adriatic wonder breathes nature, simplicity and honesty. The uniqueness of this central European destination is best demonstrated by the following facts and numbers:

Part of the Mediterrnean sea, the natural border between Italy and Croatia had historically been the scene of many battles as many had recognised its immaculate beauty and value. Today it adorns the coasts of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

The Adriatic sea in Croatia provides for many riches, and it moves life along. The 1.777 km long coast is speckled with a thousand islands and islets, each special in its own way. Among them, you can find an island called “Apple", a heart-shaped one or one that looks like Mars.

The favourable position of the Adriatic means that many different activities can be enjoyed. Whether it is watching dolphins who sometimes visit and linger, catching finest world class tuna or simply sailing meandering between the islands, time here is not wasted but lived to the fullest.

Adriatic Sea


The city of Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the regional centre of Dalmatia. Like many other cities at the coast, it has been built up around its historical old town. In Split this is Diocletian's Palace, the retirement home of choice of this 3rd century Roman emperor. The remains of the palace now make up the aforementioned old town.

Even though the city is very much an urban hub, its position allows for many other types of activities to be equally enjoyed. Split is the right place for all those looking for any business opportunities, busy city life, shopping, wellness, fine dining, nature, parks, beaches, relaxing lifestyle, friendly faces and outdoor activities such as hiking, riding, open water swimming
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